Website & Server

by Amit Giant

Why you need Maintenance

Think of your Website and Server
as an engine that’s constantly idling.
Maintenance keeps it in performing optimally


Technical Support & Monitoring

My maintenance service provides expert support, regular monitoring, and proactive issue resolution for website performance, uptime, and security.

Backup & Restore

Accidents happen, and websites can crash or get hacked. Regular backups, ensure quick restoration of the website in case of crashes or hacks.

Plugin, Theme & Security Updates

Regular updates for plugins and themes are vital to avoid issues and vulnerabilities. My maintenance service ensures timely updates and security patches, optimizing performance and minimizing breach risks for clients.

E-commerce Maintenance

For clients with e-commerce websites, regular maintenance is essential. My service ensures smooth transactions, secure payments, and optimal performance for e-commerce sites, keeping online stores running smoothly and securely.

SEO Maintenance

Search engine algorithms are always changing, so staying updated on SEO best practices is crucial. My maintenance service provides ongoing SEO optimization to boost clients’ search rankings and increase organic traffic.

Peace of Mind

Ultimately my maintenance service gives clients peace of mind by handling routine tasks and promptly addressing issues, allowing them to focus on their core business while ensuring their website stays strong and secure.

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